bumper bully

Living in the city now, I see all sorts of extraordinary sights and people. Among them are the people who put these hideous bumper guards on their cars while parked on the street. My initial reaction is that these people must be trying to protect their car from scratches. Street parkers don’t tend to be that careful; some cars are bound to hit other cars while swiveling into that parallel parking space. I guess a rubber skirt would keep those tiny collisions from leaving indelible scratches on their back bumper (note: I have yet to see a front bumper bully equivalent).

So I get it; you don’t want your car to get scratched. Is that for aesthetic reasons? Sure, you might a void a tiny scratch here, but don’t you think that black rubber partition is an eyesore itself? I’ll be that any scratch that bumper bully can prevent would be invisible to all but the most scrutinizing at point blank range. While having that bumper “protection” on is visible to all the people making fun of your car from hundreds of feet away. Consider this from the Bumper Bully faq:

(3) Will the Bumper Bully protect my car bumper from damage?

The Bumper Bully may protect the bumper finish only. It may not protect your bumper from impacts greater than 1MPH. The product may help minimize the risk of scratches, the result of low impact parking maneuvers. The Bumper Bully is not a structural component and will not contribute to vehicle crashworthiness or occupant safety during rear end collisions.

I wonder how bad an accidental scratch you’re going to get at 1 MPH. The website lists the Bumper Bully “Extreme Edition” for $29.95. Honda’s parts warehouse lists touch up paint for $11.95 with FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING. This paint is reusable and works on front scratches too! Or maybe you don’t want to buy the paint to fix that insignificant scratch. After all, you drive a Honda Accord. It’s not a bad looking car, even a little scratched up. But you’re pretty solidly in mid-class sedan range. Putting on the bumper protection doesn’t turn your Accord into an E-Class. Ditch the black bumper cover and let loose.

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