Twice the cleaning power? Where was the other half of the power before?

Weeks ago, I went out for laundry detergent and got lost in the aisles looking for my old product*. I couldn’t find the same behemoth I used to have to lug back to my apartment. Instead, all the detergents were now half the size, much more reasonable to carry back home by hand. Noticing that now Tide had a new 2X concentrated formula, my first instinct was relief. Now I could get the same number of loads with half the liquid detergent. But it didn’t take long for me to wonder what I was using before. If this is the 2X formula, which by the way is now the standard Tide product, was I using some sort of diluted detergent before?

I realize that Tide has a tough marketing campaign to convince people to use less of this new concentrated formula and calling it 2X might make people use less, but that also implies that the previous formula was 1X. Rather than thinking I was holding a revolutionary new detergent, I thought I was using a less diluted version of the old. It doesn’t help that Tide’s website still lists “Water” as the most prominent ingredient in its detergent. Also, consider this tidbit from the site:

More cleaning ingredients. Less water.*

Did you know another concentrated detergent contains up to 80% water? Not Tide. Tide has more cleaning ingredients, less water.*

*vs. the next leading regular liquid detergent, past 12 months as of 11/15/08

It’s like the McDonald’s campaign now promoting its 100% beef burgers. What were they using before? I don’t see any guarantee that they’ve alway used 100% beef. Tide has an uphill battle, and just the same, I don’t see any assurance that they aren’t just taking more water out of their detergent and rebranding.

*2X Ultra could have been introduced much earlier. I have no idea. It’s not like I buy detergent frequently

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