It even looks ridiculous

There’s a good reason why we shorten double-u to “dub.” Besides being awesome, “dub” is just much easier to say and a much better letter name than its full-length counterpart. I don’t care if double-u is visually represented by two “U”s, though I’d argue that it looks more like a double-vee to me. We don’t call the letter B double-dee. Or even worse, we don’t call H triple-eye. Hell, most of the angular letters could be multiples of the letter I.

I’m not going into the phonetic significance of “W” or the history. I don’t care why it is called what it’s called. Maybe it sounds like two U sounds, though I’m at a loss as to how UU sounds like “wuh.” I’m just saying it’s the absolute stupidest letter name. All the other letters can be pronounced in one syllable; double-u, fully spoken, has three. Consider this nifty kernel snatched from Wikipedia, “www” takes three times as many syllables to say as World Wide Web.  It’s simply the stupidest letter name. And it hasn’t escaped me that our 43rd President is nicknamed “Dub-ya.”

Most people already pronounce it “dub-ya” already. I propose we all stop playing games and just refer to the 23rd letter as “dub.”

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